Elden Ring, a curious mechanism allows you to recover energy

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Elden Ring includes in its gameplay a curious mechanism which allows you to recover energy at any time, and therefore perhaps to survive a clash that is seeing us in great difficulty. Any one, which are all so complicated.

Hidetaka Miyazaki has apologized to those who are frustrated with Elden Ring’s difficulty, but his team has actually entered a small makeuplet’s call it that, which allows to smooth out a little the degree of challenge of the experience, which in the second part of the campaign takes on disturbing connotations.

How does it work? The mechanism stands as a kind of reward with respect to the system of messages which can be left in the game, and which is used by users to warn other players of possible dangers.

Well, the moment one of these messages receives a positive feedback on someone’s part, the author experiences a restore life points in a way quite similar to the use of a healing potion.

We are therefore talking about a fundamentally unpredictable system, but which encourages users to leave messages around theopen world and to do it in an intelligent way, with indications and suggestions that have real value.

How to leave messages in Elden Ring? Just pause, access the Messages section, compose the text and place it in the scenario, at the point on which we want to focus the attention of others.

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