Elden Ring: Amazon pre-order of the Launch Edition available for another week

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For just one more week, the Amazon pre-order of the Elden Ring Launch Edition, in PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox versions. The price is € 69.99 for the console version and € 59.99 for the PC version. The release date is February 25.

There Launch Edition of Elden Ring Includes disc game (console) or download code (PC), poster, Art Cards, sticker set and fabric patch. By pre-ordering you also get the Digital Adventure Guide (contains information to help players in the early stages of the game) and the bonus gesture “the Ring” that can be used by the character (this gesture can also be found in the game in normal way).

In our recently tried Elden Ringwe explained that: “The direct evidence of Elden Ring has genuinely impressed us. We were convinced to find a map more extensive than what we saw in the beta, but we would never have imagined such an amount of content hidden already in the initial areas. scale of the new FromSoftware title is this, we could have a difficult beast to tame on our hands, enormously richer in secrets and events than we could imagine. The quality of what we saw, however, seemed to us mostly very high, with numerous surprises that can leave us speechless, and an already remarkable work of balancing, which has silenced many of the doubts matured during the network test. Great, but send us the complete code soon or we risk not sleeping for long. ”

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The Launch Edition of Elden Ring in PS4 version

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