Elden Ring and the imaginative creations with the character editor, from Shrek to Gigachad

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As in the previous works of FromSoftware, too Elden Ring has a editor for the creation of the protagonist and some players in these hours have taken advantage of all the many options within it to create faithful copies of characters based on movies and other games, as well as true masterpieces of utter ugliness.

As proof of the great flexibility of the Elden Ring editor and the imagination of the community, among the most interesting creations, which you can admire in the posts below, we point out the human version of Shrek, the Joker of Batman, the Gigachad (the meme born thanks to Russian model Ernest Khalimov), Marvel’s Thanos, Robert Pattinson and even Nathan Drake from Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

In the middle there is no shortage of real examples of ugliness but absolutely worthy of admiration, because the results are so obscene that they undoubtedly require a certain dedication and attention to detail.

The appearance of the character in Elden Ring is certainly important, but so is the choice of the starting class. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at our guide. Then take a look at our 10 tips on how to survive so that you are not caught unprepared for the threats of the Interregnum.

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