Elden Ring: Confessor and Samurai classes revealed, variety looks great

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The official Twitter account of Elden Ring he unveiled two new classes starting points that will be present in the full game: the Confessor and the Samurai, which were also shown with an image, which you can see below.

The Elden Ring Confessor and Samurai classes

The Confessor he is described by Elden Ring’s account as “a church spy skilled in covert operations. He is equally skilled with the sword and in the use of spells.”.

The Samuraiagain according to Elden Ring’s account description, he is “a skilled warrior of the distant Land of Reeds. He knows how to use the katana and the longbow.”

These two classes they are added to those already presented in the last period, namely the Bandit, the Astrologer, the Warrior, the Prisoner, the Wanderer and the Hero. Each class has its own set of starting equipment and pre-assigned levels to certain stats. As always, each class is only a starting point, but it does not prevent you from completely revolutionizing your character in the course of the adventure, transforming a warrior into a wizard or vice versa.

There variety of the classes, however, seems remarkable, at least from a stylistic and “narrative” point of view, with different types of cultures mixed. The previous games of Hidetaka Miyazaki were much more “homogeneous”, while Elden Ring seems to vary more the cards on the table.

We also remind you that the Amazon pre-order of the Elden Ring Launch Edition is available for another week.

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