Elden Ring: final trailer in Italian prepares us for the release with lots of information about the game

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The Italian version of the Elden Ring final trailer, FromSoftware’s new action RPG, coming soon. The video shows us everything we need to know about the video game before picking up the controller, but even for this it could be considered by some to be a bit too spoiler.

The final trailer in Italian of Elden Ring shows us so many game components, starting from various places that we can explore – in solitude or with the help of Torrente, the mount already widely presented in recent months -, then moving on to common enemies who will try to put an end to our journey and even arriving at some bosses. Some content has already been shown in the past, but some details are certainly new and, considering the game’s release soon, we are sure that a part of the audience will prefer not to watch the video too deeply.

The trailer However, it does not only offer naked and raw gameplay, but also shows various elements of the complete game such as the game menus, some spells, but also secondary characters (which should be present in large numbers in this chapter), without forgetting, however, also the moveset of the weapons, dungeons and multiplayer functions. Simply put, you can see a little bit of everything, and if you still weren’t sure what Elden Ring would offer in terms of strain, you now have an answer.

Finally, we remind you that the release date of Elden Ring is February 25, 2022 and that the arrival platforms are PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. At this time, you can still pre-order the Launch Edition with its unique bonuses.

Finally, a few days after the release, a silly diatribe arose about one of the starting classes of Elden Ring.

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