Elden Ring for PS5, a gameplay video featuring the first 23 minutes of the campaign

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Elden Ring is the protagonist of a gameplay video where we can witness the first 23 minutes of the game’s campaign, caught in this case on PS5 by IGN.

The highest rated game ever on OpenCritic, Elden Ring invites us to explore the broad and fascinating open world created by FromSoftware in collaboration with the writer George RR Martin: a scenario full of suggestive panoramas but also of many threats.

Some of them are already found in this video with the first minutes of the game, after the narrative introduction and the creation of the character: a Senzaluce who will have to make his way through the Interregnum with the aim of taking possession of a legendary ring.

In the Elden Ring review we underlined the extraordinary qualities of the new opera directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, a real dream come true for the many soulslike fans.

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