Elden Ring: International review ratings celebrate incredible game

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We are almost there, Elden Ring it will be (officially) available in a couple of days, on February 25, 2022. Many players are looking forward to having this new adventure from FromSoftware in their hands, but it is not yet possible. To satisfy this desire at least temporarily, we can read the international reviews, but first of all that of Multiplayer.it. Here are the votes of the main Western newspapers.

First of all, here is an excerpt from our Elden Ring review: “It is worth repeating: Elden Ring is the sum of the knowledge developed over the years by FromSoftware, a monster of contents and elements capable of satisfying the hunger of any lover of souls, and capable of both amplifying its positive characteristics up to the maximum limits and aggravating its defects. The positive sides of the game are nevertheless impressive to the point of largely obscuring both the known and acquired shortcomings in the new formula. Full of mysteries and marvelously inspired, Elden Ring is one of the highest peaks touched by FromSoftware, if not the highest ever, as long as you accept its always brutal underlying philosophy. We have now fully embraced it, and we can’t wait to get back to its world more calmly. ”

Here is the instead votes from the main international newspapers who posted a full Elden Ring review:

  • Multiplayer.it – ​​94/100
  • VGC – 5/5
  • Game Informer – 10/10
  • PCGamesN – 10/10
  • Fextralife – 10/10
  • Guardian – 100/100
  • Screen Rant – 100/100
  • Destructroid – 100/100
  • Areajugones – 100/100
  • GamesBeat – 100/100
  • Good is a Geek – 100/100
  • Guardian – 100/100
  • GameByte – 95/100
  • Inverse – 90/100
  • PlayStation LifeStyle – 90/100
  • Dexerto – 90/100

With 27 reviews submitted to the system Metacritic for the PS5 version, the average rating of Elden Ring is currently 97 out of 100. The PC version instead settles at 96 out of 100 with 18 reviews. On Opencritic the rating is 96 out of 100. The exact value actually changes from minute to minute due to the inclusion of new reviews, which raise or lower the rating of a single unit.

The final results it will probably be seen in a few days, when all the international press will deliver their final review to the public (there are in fact some newspapers that have not managed to give a vote in time). Already, however, we can say that there are not too many doubts about the final quality of Elden Ring.

A clash of Elden Ring, in artwork version

Tell us, What do you think about it? Have the reviews convinced you, or are you in doubt?

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