Elden Ring is already GOTY and we feel sorry for everyone else

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Elden Ring is already GOTY and there is little to discuss, unless another masterpiece comparable to the game from FromSoftware comes out in the next ten months. There are some names that could make it, like God of War: Ragnarok and Starfield, but we doubt that they will have the same impact and find the same unanimity of opinion from the public and critics (Gran Turismo 7 is a car game … maybe it will be perfect, but we all know that the genre is frowned upon in the awards phase, see Forza Horizon 5).

Warning: we are not saying that they have no potential, but only that the alignment of the planets had with Elden Ring is unlikely to occur again: appreciated development study, hype for once not destroyed by the final result, title that respects what was promised and what the public expected, capable moreover of advancing a genre created by its own authors (at least in the fundamental aspects that allow us to speak of soulslike and not of a more generic action role-playing game).

The 2022 it hasn’t even started for two months but it is already an exciting year from a videogame point of view. Windjammers 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Total War: Warhammer III, Sifu, Martha is Dead and OlliOlli World, are just some of the jewels that have illuminated this beginning of the year, without considering some less known titles, however valid. Despite this Elden Ring manages to shine, a sign that we are faced with what in his way is an event for the entire medium, more than a simple game.

This is to say what? Actually nothing special. It’s just nice, every now and then, to be able to talk about a video game in such a crystalline way, knowing that almost everyone will be able to play it, since it is cross-platform, going beyond console war and other similar nonsense. It would still be better if no one read this let’s talk about it. After all, we like to imagine you are busy playing.

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