Elden Ring is now a Steam Deck Verified Title

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Elden Ring it’s a title verified for Steam Deck. The news will surely make happy those who can’t wait to play it with the hybrid between a PC and a portable console from Valve, coming to the first customers these days.

The addition of the compatibility check can be seen on Steamdb, where you can read that “all functions are accessible with the default controller configuration”, “the game shows the Steam Deck icon for the controller”, “the default graphics configuration runs fine on Steam Deck “.

Of course this is news that concerns a still limited slice of users, but the support of titles of this caliber is essential to guarantee Steam Deck the right success. Moreover, it is also the demonstration that the hardware of Valve he can run the latest generation games effortlessly, one of the doubts that practically accompanied him from the announcement.

We also imagine that for some it is a dream to think of playing FromSoftware’s latest effort on the go, killing very difficult bosses in bed or in the bathroom.

If you want more information on the game, read our review of Elden Ring, a title that we liked a lot.

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