Elden Ring is out, a Japanese team gets a day off to play

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An idea of ​​the level of expectation that characterized Elden Ring comes from the strange case of Pocketpair, a Japanese team whose employees received a special day off to play to the new title of FromSoftware.

CEO Takruo Mizobe announced the “Elden Holiday”a one-day break from work for his employees to dedicate to intensive sessions at Elden Ring, considering that probably, according to Mizobe, the developers would have been “unable to focus on work” on the launch day of the game in question.

It also seems that these holidays also extend to Mondays, which will allow Pocketpair developers to take advantage of a long weekend in order to play Elden Ring thoroughly. We do not know if it is possible to devote oneself to something else: we would not want that – given the inflexibility typical of Japanese companies at work – the interruption is in any case linked to certain performances to be achieved in the game, but in any case the initiative is really particular and demonstrates how FromSoftware productions have become very important products all over the world.

In the meantime, you can see what we think in our Elden Ring review, while we remind you that a maintenance on the PC version of the game took place this morning, awaiting further patches to correct various technical imperfections.

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