Elden Ring is the highest rated game ever on OpenCritic

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At the time of writing this news, Elden Ring and the highest rated game on OpenCritic and is in position number one. Let’s talk about the total ranking of the site, which includes all the games with votes present in the collector.

Precisely, Elden Ring has 97 out of 100 on OpenCritic, the same rating as Super Mario Odyssey, which is however positioned by the platform as game number two in the total ranking. The number of reviews collected is currently close to 100, according to the latest tally made at the time of writing. The information was also shared by the OpenCritic Twitter account, which reports the top ten positions.

However, remember that it is possible that OpenCritic does not yet include all reviews and that the vote could change in the next few hours and days. Just one vote less would make Elden Ring lose the first position. We also point out that OpenCritic is a younger platform than some competitors and does not include old historical games which tend to have very high ratings.

In any case, as we have indicated, the votes of the international press are very high: the norm is in fact 5/5, 10/10 and 100/100 for Anglophone criticism and beyond. In our review we have proposed a slightly lower grade, but nevertheless we have told you about a work of the highest quality.

For the moment the public (at least, most of it) has no way to experience Elden Ring yet, so it’s impossible to judge, but tell us, the premises convince you?

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