Elden Ring looks like a PS1 game in this particular “demake”

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The fashion of demake he certainly couldn’t save Elden Ringwhich in fact is the protagonist of another artistic reinterpretation of this type with an elaboration that makes it similar to a PS1 gamerecovering a little from the uncertain 3D graphics of the 90s.

The video is by Hoolopee and it is not a real interactive game project, but rather a video that takes the Elden Ring presentation trailer and reconstructs it with the graphics of the 32-bit generation. In this sense, the demake seems to bring the FromSoftware game out of a PS1, complete with a very low amount of polygons, distortions, flickering, pop-in and various graphic aberrations that were typical of the time.

Although it is only a video processing, the movie is built with Blender software and, according to what the authors reported, runs in real time. If you like the idea, you can take a look at the Bloodborne demake by Lilith Walther, which presents itself as a game project truly usable by users, also built with the classic aesthetics of the 3D games of the years in mind. 90.

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