Elden Ring: Malenia cosplay from Xenon_ne is more and more impressive

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Elden Ring has now become a source of inspiration also for cosplayers from all over the world, but this new one Malenia cosplay from Xenon_ne it really stands out for a remarkable qualitative level, further increasing the impressive effect already seen in the previous shoot by the same author.

Malenia is one of the most popular characters by cosplayers, given the charm surrounding the mighty semi-divine boss that can be faced in the Elden Ring endgame, becoming an iconic element of Elden Ring, although it is an optional fight. The charisma of Miquella’s Blade, in fact, was exploited by FromSoftware itself as a distinctive element of the game, so much so that it became a sort of symbol.

After the first photos that we had seen previously, Xenon_ne has further evolved its interpretation with the new set that we can see below. The model has done a really great job of reconstruction of the costume, or of thearmor: Although the photo appears heavily processed, we can imagine that the base is still represented by a nice reworking of the character’s complex armor.

Malenia is entirely covered by a medieval-style armor, particularly elegant and graceful even if able to give a considerable defense to the fighter. The model can barely be seen below the armor components, but the fiery red hair that distinguishes the character and the various ornamental elements that are typical of her costume clearly emerge.

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