Elden Ring: Miyazaki apologizes to anyone who is frustrated with the difficulty of the game

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Hidetaka Miyazakicreator of the Souls series and of Elden Ringshared their opinion on the game difficultywith The New Yorker, and also apologized to players who are frustrated with the difficulty of Elden Ring.

Miyazaki explained: “I’ve never been a very skilled player, I die often. If death is to be more than a symbol of failure, how can I give it meaning? How can I make it enjoyable?” Miyazaki went on to say that difficulty is an integral part of the nature of his (and therefore Elden Ring’s) games, but at the same time he did not ignore the criticisms of some players.

A crystal cave in the Elden Ring

Many believe that Elden Ring and the Souls are too difficult games and that the design pushes them to abandon the adventure. Miyazaki said he “wanted to excuse with anyone who perceives that there are too many difficulties to overcome “in his games and explains that his goal is to make sure that” as many players as possible experience the joy of having overcome a complex challenge “.

Miyazaki, also speaking of Elden Ring, explained that the team wants “people to perceive that victory is an achievable undertaking”. There difficultyhowever, it is “what gives meaning to the experience. So it is not something we want to abandon at the moment. It is our identity.”

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