Elden Ring: More than 860,000 contemporary players on Steam, broken his own record

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The PC version of Elden Ring keep crunching impressive numbers. Do you think it currently has more than 860,000 contemporary players on Steam, its peak since launch two days ago. The data was detected by SteamDB, which monitors the number of active players in the various games in real time.

Many thought that the number of players reached immediately after the launch was the maximum that FromSoftware’s title could aspire to, however, unlike many other titles, with the passing of the days its numbers are growing. At the time of writing this news, contemporary players are 860,884, a figure that places Elden Ring above Lost Ark, another hit of the period (free-to-play, therefore advantageous in counting), but just below Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , which currently has 896,988 contemporary players and which can be considered an evergreen.

Very detached Dota 2 and PUBG: Battlegrounds, as well as Apex Legends. In short, we are faced with yet another index of the game’s success. Not bad, also given the performance problems on PC that are yielding a few too many negative reviews.

For more information on the game, we refer you to our Elden Ring review.

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