Elden Ring: Network Test boss was too difficult, game producer admits

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FromSoftware’s producer recently admitted that Margit, the Elden Ring Network Test bosswas Too strong and for this, in the final version, it will be modified.

The information comes from an interview with GamerBraves, during which Yasuhiro Kitao explained that the team does not aim to create difficult fights just for the sake of being difficult. Specifically, speaking of Elden Ring he said: “It is not our intention to make bosses harder just because they have to be difficult. Margit was just too strong in the Network test, from our point of view. She was oriented for a bit too high difficulty. , so it needed some tweaks to adapt to early game play. ”

Elden Ring’s Grantempesta Castle, protected by the boss Margit

We remember (or explain, if you have not played the Network Test) that Margit is the first true mandatory boss of Elden Ring. We know that, in the full game, you can go in various directions, so players will probably be able to defeat many other bosses before Margit, but technically – speaking of the plot areas – it is the first that the player must necessarily take down if he follows the path suggested by the game.

It therefore appears that from the point of view of FromSoftware – certainly in response to player feedback – Margit was too strong considering she is one of the first players will face. For those in search of difficulty, Kitao then specifies, there will be various very powerful secondary bosses.

In fact, Elden Ring hides many secondary challenges in the full game, thanks also to a large map that could be 9 times larger than expected for Kotaku.

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