Elden Ring: on Steam is the seventh game with more contemporary players ever, after a few hours

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Elden Ring has arrived and its success cannot be denied, especially on Steam where, as we have already reported, it has reached a peak of contemporary players of 764,835, all in a few hours. This number is also important because it makes FromSoftware’s RPG the seventh multiplayer game ever on Steam.

Precisely, at the time of writing this news, the ranking of the most played games ever on Steam (in terms of the maximum number of simultaneous players) is composed as follows:

  1. PUBG: Battlegrounds – 3,257,248
  2. Lost Ark – 1,325,305
  3. CS: GO – 1,308,963
  4. Dota 2 – 1,295,114
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 – 1,054,388
  6. New World – 913.634
  7. Elden Ring – 764.735
  8. Valheim – 502.387
  9. Terraria – 489,886
  10. Capcom Arcade Stadium – 488.791

As you can see, Elden Ring it is located under New World, but compared to the Amazon game there are still more than 140,000 fewer users. FromSoftware’s game may still be able to break its own record in the next few days. We will have to wait and see how the situation evolves.

A fight scene from Elden Ring

In the meantime, we also got to make a comparison between the number of players in Elden Ring and the number of players in Sekiro and Dark Souls 3: the difference is abysmal. On Steam, however, the first user reviews are cold.

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