Elden Ring: Online is safe, even on PC, says Bandai Namco

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L’online Of Elden Ring Sara safe since day one, scheduled for February 25 on PS5, Xbox X Series, S Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bandai Namco has in fact confirmed that the new game will not be subject to the exploit that involved the servers of the Dark Souls series.

As you know by now, at the beginning of 2022 a serious exploit was discovered in Dark Souls 3. In practice, the users who invaded us during the game had the possibility of using a function called “remote code execution” to execute code remotely. This means that one could literally take possession of a system, steal personal data and passwords contained there, or use your PC as a proxy for illegal activities or as a mining machine.

Several have sprung up on the net evidence of what happened, so much so that FromSoftware itself had to admit the vulnerability and shut down the servers of the whole saga. The official account wrote that “The PvP servers for Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls Remastered have been temporarily disabled to allow the team to investigate recent reports of a problem with online services.”

To these were then added the servers of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, while the PvP servers of the Xbox version and the PlayStation version of the aforementioned games were not involved in this phase of investigation. On consoles it is therefore still possible to continue playing without any kind of problem. Apart from the framerate.

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But getting serious, the exploit has led many to wonder if i Elden Ring server on PC they would be safe from day one. The latest official communication from the company, dating back to over ten days ago, informed us that the checks had also been extended to the servers of the new game, in order to “prepare adequate security measures for launch on all platforms”. For this, the statement continued, Dark Souls’ online services on PC will not be restored until after the launch of Elden Ring. ”

But what was the outcome of these checks? Apparently everything went well. In these days we have in fact contacted directly Bandai Namco to ask for news and the answer was reassuring: a representative of the Japanese company confirmed that Elden Ring will be safe to play online already on day one.

While waiting to know when the Dark Souls servers will be back online, we just have to enjoy the first days in the mysterious Interregnum. What do you think about it? Will you be facing this new online adventure right away? Tell us yours in the comments below, waiting for our review of this new souls-like to arrive.

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