Elden Ring: patch 1.02.1 available for PS5 and PC, here are the news

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With a post on Twitter, FromSoftware announced the availability of the patch 1.02.1 Of Elden Ring for PS5 and PCdetailing the changes made by the update.

According to the notes issued by FromSoftware, the patch 1.02.1 of Elden Ring is the first hotfix promised last Friday by the official website of Bandai Namco, aimed at solving specific problems of these two platforms. As for the version PC, issues related to mouse sensitivity and Easy Anti-Cheat launch have been resolved. In addition, the number of files required for the game when loading a new area has been reduced, which in theory should at least mitigate the performance drops reported by Digital Foundry in these circumstances.

As for the version PS5, however, the only change concerns the resolution of a bug that caused the game to close unintentionally. However, it would seem that at the moment the problem related to the rescues on the Sony flagship console has not yet been solved.

Elden Ring has been warmly received by the international press, so much so that it is the highest rated game ever on OpenCritic, while on Steam and Twitch it has broken all the records of FromSoftware’s previous works. It is undeniable, however, that at the moment the game suffers from some problems related to performance and some bugs, which we hope will be solved in the near future. Nothing that makes Elden Ring “unplayable”, but it certainly could make more than one player turn up their noses.

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