Elden Ring played on Steam Deck, an 8 minute gameplay video

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How it turns Elden Ring on Steam Deck? IGN has seen fit to offer us a practical demonstration by publishing a gameplay video of 8 minutes in which the new soulslike is played on the handheld produced by Valve.

The experience appears excellent: with the settings used for the occasion, Elden Ring generally remains on 45 fps while showing drops of up to 30 fps during the most chaotic and crowded situations.

In short, the very positive review of Steam Deck by Digital Foundry is basically confirmed by these sequences, even more so considering the criticism that Elden Ring has received on Steam.

The video highlights among other things the fan noiseinevitable in a handheld of this type, which suggests more than anything else the use of headphones for the greatest possible comfort in place of the excellent integrated speakers.

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