Elden Ring: Players complain about one of the starting classes, here’s the problem

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Elden Ring is on the way and the general excitement is great, bolstered by the regular sharing of information from the game’s official account. In the last period, we got to see the starting classesbut one of these attracted the criticism of some players. Here is the problem.

As you can see for yourself below, it is indicated that the spade of the starting class Vagabondo is not straight. In the image you can see that the top of the broadsword is not in line with the hilt. The curvature is very visible and this has “troubled” some players.

It is strange that an image showing one of the game’s classes has such an error. The audience of the sub-reddit of Elden RingHowever, he took the matter very lightly and made jokes of various kinds, such as people declaring themselves ready to ask for a refund or others canceling the preorder in protest. All this has also given rise to other posts that make fun of the issue, such as a user who promises to rotate the sword five degrees until it is straight, once a week until the release: the problem is that there is a week left, so there will be no more posts. Others have simply erased the sword from the image and are pretending to wonder what people are talking about.

It therefore seems that a good chunk of the public has decided to make fun of those who have complained about the matter. For sure, Elden Ring will continue to be one of the most anticipated games no matter how straight your sword is.

If you are looking for details in the Elden Ring images, here are two new images showing new enemies and a possible gameplay mechanic.

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