Elden Ring: Ray tracing will be added in an upcoming update, confirmed

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Elden Ring will have the ray tracingbut this will only come through a update expected in the near future still not better specified, but at least confirmed by FromSoftwarebased on information posted by the developers.

The indication is contained, a little hidden, in the official notes to the Elden Ring update 1.02, or the day one patch already available at the launch of the game. The patch in question improves some technical aspects of Elden Ring, including the performance and stability of the game, but does not introduce ray tracing, which apparently will need more time to be implemented.

“The timing for the implementation of ray tracing, for which support is planned after launch, will be reported in future announcements,” reads day one patch notesofficially confirming the upcoming arrival of the graphics technology in question.

Considering the notable technical uncertainties revealed by Elden Ring at the moment, it is likely that it will take some time before we can see the ray tracing applied in the game, because this could further worsen the already not fully satisfactory performance.

On the other hand, the reception on PC was strongly affected by these technical problems, as user reviews rather cold compared to those that emerged from the critics yesterday.

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