Elden Ring: solved problems with online on Xbox, now you can play in co-op multiplayer and PvP

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With a tweet published a few minutes ago from the official account of Elden RingFromSoftware announced that i problems with online on Xbox Series X | S and One were solved. So now you can start reading / leaving hints in the game world again, summon or invade other users.

As reported in a previous news, the problems with the online features and the multiplayer of Elden Ring on Xbox had manifested themselves yesterday, preventing many players of the Microsoft platforms from accessing the game servers, with all the obvious limitations of the case. .

The announcement came shortly after the release of the Elden Ring patch 1.02.1 notes for PS5 and PC, which solved some problems related to these two platforms, which reads: “we are happy to report that the problems with the online Xbox users have now been resolved, “thanking them for patience.

FromSoftware developers took action in a sudden way to correct some of the flaws currently affecting Elden Ring. As promised a few days ago, corrective patches should also arrive in the near future to improve the framerate of all versions, currently quite fluctuating, especially on PC as reported in the latest video analysis by Digital Foundry.

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