Elden Ring: Sony offers a series of tips to start the adventure in the Interregnum in the best possible way

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The wait is finally over and tomorrow you can venture into the lands of the Interregnum of Elden Ring. For the occasion, the PlayStation Blog from Sony published an article with 10 tips to get started your adventure in the best possible way.

It is certainly an interesting read, especially if you need a way to pass the time while waiting for the debut in stores or the release of the digital version, with tips and tricks that are certainly handy, considering the vastness and dangers of the new work by FromSoftware. . You can view the complete article, complete with videos in the form of well-made and fitting GIFs with the various points covered, at this address.

We do not report the entire article, of course, but we would like to point out the presence of some really interesting passages that could be useful to you, especially if you have not played the November closed beta.

Elden Ring, an official artwork

Leaving aside the most obvious suggestions, such as “don’t pick your class at random” and “don’t get caught unprepared”, the PlayStation Blog article explains the usefulness of attacks in office by Elden Ring, a mechanic inherited from the Dark Souls series, but further expanded here.

In fact now, “instead of just being able to charge normal physical weapon attacks, you can load certain abilities and spells as well. Charged spells are particularly powerful, as they not only increase base damage, but many will have additional effects. These effects can vary widely, including additional bullets, longer rate of fire, longer duration, and larger attack zone. ”

Another section instead talks about the exploration of the Interregnum and the fighting on the back of Torrente, the ghostly steed of the Lightless, explaining some of its basic mechanics. In particular we learn that “By pressing L3, you can jump off the steed and perform a leap slash very beneficial. ”

We also learn that all the main elements of the map, especially those needed to advance in the main quest are all highlighted with icons specifications:

“The bosses, powerful enemies, large hordes of enemies, and of course the Stake of Marika, are all highlighted to guide you in the right direction”, however this only applies as long as you have visited a particular location in that particular area first. “When you venture into one new area, your map will be blank until you visit a plaque placed inside it. Find this little icon on the map, leave us a marker and collect the plaque to add detail and color to your map. Hidden caves, fortresses and other points of interest will be easier to find and explore. ”

We remind you that Elden Ring will be available from tomorrow, February 25, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend that you read our review.

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