Elden Ring: Steam sales of over 10 million copies, SteamSpy reports

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Elden Ring has totaled sales for over 10 million copies on Steam according to data reported by SteamSpy, which currently estimates between 10 and 20 million users in possession of the game.

Capable of monopolizing the Steam ranking, Elden Ring can currently count on over 860,000 contemporary players on the Valve platform: waiting for the official numbers, this is undoubtedly the greatest success ever for a title developed by FromSoftware.

As we know, Bandai Namco expects 4 million copies sold for Elden Ring in the first month, but if the SteamSpy data were to prove reliable we would be talking about significantly higher figures for the version alone. PC.

In our Elden Ring review we explained that the new opera directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki represents the future of soulslike and introduces significant innovations within the formula that fans know well.

Elements of great charm and depth, which will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the game and could open its doors to a completely new user, as part of a relaunch of this peculiar sub-genre of action RPGs.

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