Elden Ring: the cosplay of Malenia by rossofiore_cosplay shows us the warrior with red hair

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Elden Ring is available today, and by now, many players will have already started playing it. FromSoftware’s epic will allow us to meet many characters and one of these is Malenia, the red-haired warrior unveiled with the very first trailer of the game. Now, rossofiore_cosplay offers us his own Malenia cosplaywith two magnificent shots.

Malenia, in the promotional images of Elden Ring, he never fully shows his face and the same happens in these photographs. The cosplay made by rossofiore_cosplay is therefore not only faithful to the original source, but also plays on the hidden details of Malenia and prompts us to imagine what could be under that winged and finely decorated helmet. The simplicity of the shots also allows the observer to focus on Malenia’s red hair.

If you are looking for quality cosplay, then we can not recommend the cosplay of Camie from candylion.cos: it is a one to one copy. How not to mention the cosplay of Tsunade by nanakoo0911. Finally, here is also the cosplay of MJ Black Cat version of missbricosplay.

Tell us, what do you think of the Malenia cosplay from Elden Ring made by rossofiore_cosplay? Is it quality, or do you think you’ve seen higher level versions?

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