Elden Ring: the final previews are online, here is the response from the international press

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The final previews of Elden Ring are finally available and the international criticism gave his opinion on FromSoftware’s action RPG. The average response, although obviously not definitive, is already extremely positive.

We too of Multiplayer.it we got to play for many hours in Elden Ring. For example, in our article we explained to you that “The direct evidence of Elden Ring has genuinely impressed us. We were convinced to find a map more extensive than what we saw in the beta, but we would never have imagined such an amount of content hidden already in the initial areas. . ” But also: “The quality of what we have seen, however, seemed to us for the most part very high, with numerous surprises that could leave us speechless, and an already remarkable balancing work, which silenced many of the doubts matured during the network test. Great, but send us the full code soon or we may not sleep long. ”

A clash of knights in Elden Ring

Our positive impressions echo in the international comments. Eurogamer.netfor example, writes – in translation -: “Elden Ring makes you feel free in ways that FromSoftware’s games have never had before, perhaps in part due to fear of the unknown, but also fear of the great unknown expanse that is in front of you. If you’re struggling with a particular area or boss, simply travel fast or summon Torrent and ride your way out, and find a myriad of other directions you can explore. ”

PCGamer.comInstead, he explains that Elden Ring won’t be easy, but it will be a perfect entry point for new players. “Souls-likes have never been easy, but they really require patience rather than quick reflexes. Once you learn their rules, they’re a lot easier than a game like Super Meat Boy, where every keypress has to be perfect to the millisecond. But it’s hard to believe until you find out for yourself. The first impression the Souls games give – an ice-cold death at the hands of an overwhelming boss – only reinforces their reputation for playing too hard. Elden Ring will likely throw us at faster and more challenging enemies than Dark Souls. It will certainly have more poison swamps. But the promise of a world with fewer block points. […] it will be enough to help millions of players resist the scary first impression and stay with Elden Ring long enough to understand FromSoftware’s style. ”

RPGSite.netInstead, he praises the amount of content, which does not put aside quality: “Six hours is enough to really understand Elden Ring? Absolutely not. Six hours is enough, however, to already know that Elden Ring is a formidable experience. There is something to be said about quality over quantity, but … why can’t we have both? Elden Ring might be that rare game that succeeds in this feat. In fact, there is so much content in front of you. that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and just feel lost in the world in front of you, sucked in from the start. This is already what I love most about the game. There are so many different paths to explore; the chains of linearity are not alone. broken, they are disintegrated. Dust. It is up to you to decide where to go first, and that could take you on an entirely different journey than your friends. There is no right or wrong answer, no yes or no. It is up to you to decide. . ”

In essence, Elden Ring is convincing critics: the release date is set for February 25, 2022 and we are sure that fans are looking forward to that day.

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