Elden Ring: the first copies have arrived in stores, watch out for possible spoilers

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The first retail copies from Elden Ring are hitting stores around the world, as demonstrated by one user on Reddit. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the game has been in gold for several days and that there are now two weeks to the release date, but at the same time it means that potentially some users could get hold of a copy in advance and share in net spoiler of all kinds.

As Gamerant reports, a store manager posted a photo on Reddit showing two boxes full of retail copies for PS5 and Xbox Series X / One and limited edition steelbooks. The user stated that as the store manager he will not sell any copies upfront or take advantage of them to grab one to start playing before launch. In short, look but don’t touch.

Another store in the UK, on ​​the other hand, is doing things in style and in addition to the copies for sale has also exhibited a fantastic statue of “Malenia – Blade of Miquella”.

Elden Ring, a statue of Malenia

That said, a large number of stores around the world will be supplied in the next few days and as usual in these cases there is always a real risk that some copies will start circulating several days in advance. As a result YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and other social networks could become minefields in the coming days for those who want to avoid spoilers.

We remind you that Elden Ring will be available from February 25 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Just yesterday, FromSoftware unveiled the Astrologer and Bandit classes.

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