Elden Ring: The map could be 9 times bigger than expected for Kotaku

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Elden Ring it sounds like a great game, especially in terms of the amount of content, but it could be even bigger than expected. Kotaku Australia, in its preview, stated that the map it could be up to 9 times larger than originally expected.

The assumption arises from the fact that, during the test, the journalist from Kotaku Australia realized that he could zoom out of the Elden Ring map and saw black bands appear above and below the visible part of the map. Also, after teleporting to a new region, he realized that his character was in a black area of ​​the map. You can see his screen shot below.

Kotaku map

Not being able to do the tests in first person, at this moment we cannot confirm what was said by Kotaku Australia, but we can use a map previously published and made by fans starting from what is shown in the Elden Ring gameplay presentation made available by Bandai Namco. You can see the image below.

Map showing the areas seen so far in the trailers

Map showing the areas seen so far in the trailers

Doing a couple of proportions, we can see that the part indicated by Kotaku could be located approximately in the upper part of the map made by fans, in one of the white points. the “nine times greater” ratio seems to us exaggeratedalso considering that a part of the map is unexplored water, but the fact that the Kotaku reporter has been able to reach that part of the map means that there is an explorable piece of land that has not yet been shown.

In any case, it is undeniable that the Elden Ring map is wide, but above all full of content: the confirmation also came from the international previews, which we have talked about here.

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