Elden Ring: The performance of the PC version is very bad, for Digital Foundry

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The performances of the PC version Of Elden Ring they are really bad, according to what the specialists of Digital Foundrywho rejected the work done by FromSoftware on this platform, decidedly abused by the Japanese company.

Basically, the video confirms all the problems already highlighted by the negative reviews rained on Steam. So we have one stuttering intolerable in open areas, with conspicuous collapses of the framerate in situations where greater fluidity is needed (boss fights in the first place).

Stuttering is practically present every time a new resource is loaded, starting with those related to the moves of the main character, which is quite intolerable, especially since it also happens on systems with a lot of graphics memory (for example those with GeForce 3070 or 3080) . It must be said that Digital Foundry also tried the game by lowering the i details to a minimum and setting 720p as resolution, but there was nothing to do: the stuttering was still there, a sign that the problem goes beyond the individual graphics settings. In short, we are faced with a poorly done job, probably due to the lack of experience of the Japanese with optimization on PC.

Another problem is the framerate locked at 60fps, a choice particularly hated by PC gamers, however the lesser of evils than the rest. Unfortunately, not even a success as sure as Elden Ring has been saved from a problematic launch.

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