Elden Ring: Two new images show new enemies and a possible gameplay mechanic

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The official Twitter account of Elden Ring has published two new images, as part of the promotional campaign that accompanies players to the exit. These screenshots from the game, which you can see above, show us new enemies and what could be a game mechanic.

Precisely, we see some little creatures funny-looking, featuring a shield and a curved blade weapon. The setting looks swampy and we can even see a building, perhaps a church or a cathedral. We know there will be more swamps in the game, a kind of place loved and hated (but mostly hated) by fans of Miyazaki games. In the background, the golden tree that will always be in sight within the open world of Elden Ring.

In the second image, however, we see that the player character approaches some sort of portal, which will perhaps allow teleportation to new places. The tweet, in fact, reads: “The paths intertwine in the Interregnum like the thread of a tapestry, but fear not, Senzaluce. There are many paths to the truth”. These words also allude to the fact that Elden Ring will not be a linear adventure like the previous ones, but it will allow you to explore freely and get to certain places in a unique way.

Recently, we got to see other images, such as those showing the Confessor and Samurai classes: the variety of the starting classes looks great, we must admit.

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