Elden Ring, two other classes revealed: Bandit and Astrologer, here are the details

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Elden Ring revealed two more classes that we will find in the game: it is the Bandit andAstrologertherefore very different figures characterized by a repertoire of peculiar abilities.

After the Wanderer, the Hero and the Prisoner, we are faced with personages able to relate to exploration and combat in a different way, exploiting their specific abilities.

The Bandit is an outlaw skilled at identifying and targeting the enemy’s weak spots, and who excels at fights from a distance thanks to the use of the bow. The astrologer, on the other hand, is a student who reads the future in the stars, heir to the stonecutter school of witchcraft.

The cast of the new title developed by FromSoftware is therefore becoming more and more interesting and we have no doubts will be able to guarantee the necessary variety in terms of builds, powers and equipment during the campaign.

In this regard, we tried the full version of Elden Ring for six hours: to learn more about the game, while waiting for the release on PC and console, take a look at the article.

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