Elden Ring: update 1.002 available, here is the current weight of the PS5 version

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Elden Ring will be available in a couple of days, but FromSoftware is still in full swing with the development of the latest updates. Now, we find that it has been published the update 01.002.000 and we also get to see what the current weight of the PS5 version.

The information comes, as always, from PlayStation Game Size which takes care of sounding Sony’s servers to find out in advance some details on the updates and games being published on the Store. The Twitter account reveals that the Elden Ring update 01.002.000 is available and tells us that the download size on PS5 is equal to 44.851 GB.

It is practically the same weight already indicated a few days ago, always from PlayStation Game Size, following the publication of the 01.001.000 update. In that case, it was talking about the Japanese version of the game and it weighed 44.928 GB. The current one, since there are no further specifications, is the western one, so the difference in weight could be simply linked to the difference in the region of origin.

PlayStation Game Size also indicated a patch notes of the 1.002.000 update Elden Ring. We are simply talking about corrections to texts and the resolution of unspecified problems. We can assume that this is an update for bug fixes and performance improvements.

However, we remind you that this information is not official. We will have to wait for the release of the game to see the details of this update, provided that another one does not arrive before the release of Elden Ring.

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