Elden Ring: various gameplay already appear on Twitch and YouTube, spoiler danger

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Elden Ring it is already in the hands of various users, it seems, so much so that some have already begun to carry out gameplay video on Twitch and YouTubeobviously contravening the embargoes since the game is not officially released yet and constituting a real one spoiler danger for those who do not intend to receive advances on the contents.

Many screenshots and game sections have been posted on Reddit, but there are also those who have started streaming on Twitch or uploading video snippets to YouTube. On the latter, for example, you can already find the whole initial sequence by Elden Ring complete, which obviously can spoil the surprise for everyone, but similar examples and even videos of more advanced game sequences are multiplying.

The reason there is this spread of videos and materials is simply there break of day one by some retailers: considering that various journalists and influencers must respect embargoes, it is logical to imagine that those who are not doing so are users who have acquired Elden Ring well before their time, since the game has actually arrived at some retailers already for days.

The advice is therefore to be careful and maybe steer clear of videos and channels that contain references to Elden Ring, in case you want to avoid previews and spoilers. Recall that the game will be released on February 25, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, the Confessor and Samurai classes have been unveiled right now, while the Amazon pre-order of the Launch Edition is still available for a week.

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