Elden Ring: video compares graphics on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC with Patch 1.02

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ElAnalistaDeBits has released a new one video dedicated to Elden Ringin which he puts compared graphics and performance of the PS5, Xbox Series X, Series S and PC versions with patch 1.02 applied, which you can view in the player above.

For the sake of completeness, the youtuber states that his configuration mounts an RTX 3080 and 32GB and running the game at 2160p. Here are the details on resolution and framerate for the console versions:


  • 2160p at 30fps
  • 1620p at 60fps

Series S

  • 1440pp at 30fps
  • 1080p at 60fps

Series X

  • 2160p at 30fps
  • 1620p at 60fps

The results of the AnalistaDeBits analysis on Elden Ring are basically in line with those shared by Digital Foundry and which we already talked about in detail yesterday. So even in his opinion the PS5 version in performance mode can boast a framerate generally higher than that of Xbox Series X, which however has VRR on its side, as well as would have preferred the possibility of blocking the framerate at 30fps with the Quality mode, which otherwise fluctuates between 30 and 60 fps, with obviously unpleasant results. According to ElAnalistaDeBits, the performance modes for consoles would also have benefited from a lowering of the resolution to 1440p in favor of a more stable framerate.

Like Digital Foundry, the youtuber also noticed framerate problems on PC when changing areas or during clashes. In the video we can also see that a SSD Nvme m.2 guarantees faster loading times than PS5.

In the meantime, Bandai Namco with an official post apologized to users for the problems with the launch of Elden Ring and promised the arrival of patches.

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