Elden Ring voiced in Italian by Livia de Luca in the new video of Multiplayer.it

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Would you like it if Elden Ring was dubbed in Italian? Well, us too! For this reason we have decided to make the video that you find in the player above, where we have replaced the voices of the original voice actors of the narrator and Melina with that of ours Livia de Luca.

Specifically, we can see the introductory video, which narrates the destruction of the Ancestral Ring, the fall of the demigods and all the events that caused the “Disintegration”, thus outlining the world of Elden Ring born from the collaboration between FromSoftware and George RR Martin. In the next scene we see the fight with the very first boss of the game and then the meeting between the mysterious Melina and our Senzaluce.

Of course, seeing these sequences with the dubbing in Italian has a completely different effect. Tell us, what do you think? Would you like to see similar experiments with other video games, perhaps with more voices? Let us know in the comments.

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