Elden Ring: weight of the D1 patch discovered via the PS Store

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Elden Ring will arrive on February 25, 2022 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PS5. On the day of the release, for sure, there will be an update, the classic patch D1. How much will it weigh? According to what was discovered through the PS Store, it will be 8 GB.

The information was shared by PlayStation Game Size. Precisely, this Elden Ring patch D1 is for now only available for the Japanese version of the game. This is version 01.001.000 and should weigh around 8 GB, but in the PS4 version. It is possible that the PS5 version has a different weight. The total weight of the game therefore settles at 44,928 GB, again on PS4. The patch, of course, introduces a number of changes, which we discovered and reported in this news.

As always, we remind you that this information, although it was found directly within the servers of the PS Store, it’s not official and may not be correct. As also explained by PlayStation Game Size in the past, sometimes the dimensions reported are not accurate and, moreover, until the last moment the developers could make changes to the game that would change the size.

That said, this information gives us at least an idea of ​​the generic size of Elden Ring. The dimensions are significant compared to previous games (Sekiro weighs around 25 GB on PC, for example), but for an open world game it is nothing excessive.

Finally, we point out that the Elden Ring Network Test boss was too difficult for the game producer: do you agree?

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