Elden Ring will have optional bosses that will make you sweat seven shirts, FromSoftware confirms

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As in the Dark Souls series and FromSoftware’s other recent works too Elden Ring will have a series of fully optional bosses and rest assured that the proverbial seven shirts will make you sweat, according to producer Yasuhiro Kitao.

In recent months, the Japanese development house has stated several times that the game will be more accessible and less stressful than their previous jobs, but at the same time the level of difficulty will once again be calibrated upwards and for those in search of challenges the Interregnum hides some optional and secret bosses particularly tough that the study has deliberately made more difficult than normal due to the fact that they are not necessary to get to the credits.

“In terms of non-essential, optional and hidden bosses, there are a few that we have deliberately raised the level of challenge for those players who want to seek this kind of experience,” says Kitao in an interview with Gamer Braves. “If you are inclined to test yourself, you can look for some really difficult challenges hidden in the world.”

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In short, we can expect optional bosses like Ebrietas (Bloodborne) and Kalameet (in the Dark Souls DLC) hidden in who knows what ravine of the Interregnum and maybe even in greater quantity than the previous works of FromSoftware, due to the open world nature of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring will be available from February 25 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. We recently released a new trial on the first six hours of the full game.

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