Elden Ring, you don’t need to finish a game to review it, according to Mike Rose

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Mike Rosethe head of publisher No More Robots, spoke on the controversy that broke out over the reviews Of Elden Ring, written after more than eighty hours played in a hurry, for the arrival of the codes a week before launch. According to him, you don’t need to play a lot to write a review. Indeed, it is unethical to do it and ask someone to do it, unless you pay thousands of dollars for it.

Rose: “There is no need to finish a game to review it, and your editors shouldn’t ask you to, especially if doing so risks being destroyed. In my eight years of video game reviews, I will have run out of 10% and my opinion has hardly diverged from that of others.

Not happy, Rose then continued: “If you try a game for more than 80 hours for a review, I hope A. you have been given plenty of time to do it, and B. that you have been paid thousands of dollars, because otherwise you wouldn’t have to miss it. for the ca ** o.

Rose then concluded by talking about her label: “If you’ve ever been assigned a No More Robots game to review, please don’t spend more than eight hours on it. After eight hours you should have the big picture. Go write the review, then take a relaxing bath and tell your editor that you spent all your time playing.

Rose’s point of view is quite clear: to review a game you don’t need to finish it, but to understand it and to understand it you don’t need to spend tens of hours on it, especially if not properly paid. In fact, often the titles that last tens and tens of hours are so repetitive that they reveal all their cards after a few hours of gameplay, limiting themselves for the rest of the time to having the player repeat the same things, only a little more difficult.

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