Elex 2: a trailer explains the secrets of the planet Magalan, the world of the game

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Elex 2 is the protagonist of a new trailer focusing in particular on the planet Magalanwhich is the setting for the events of the game, in which many features of the settings and the background of this particular world are explained.

Magalan is full of secrets, the developers explain, and to have a minimal chance of surviving the threats that come from the sky, the protagonist Jax must know the best of this particular alien setting. He must explore the open world, learn new skills and find ever more powerful equipment.

He will also have to make agreements with local factions and make new allies, find vendors and guides able to teach him new secrets, visit the most significant places on this strange planet. “Magalan is full of different choices“, adds THQ Nordic:” What will your fighting style be, what weapons will you use? Will you join the Clerics, the Berserkers, the Outlaws, the Morkons or the All, or will you simply be left without factions? “

In short, the new video of Elex 2 focuses on the explanation of the world of Magalan to also understand the remarkable opening of the game and the amount of possible choices offered to the player, who finds himself in front of an alien planet full of perspectives. We had previously seen a trailer for the combat system, as well as one on the factions.

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