Embracer Group: 25 triple A games launched by April 2026

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During his latest financial report, it emerged that Embracer Group want to throw at least 25 triple A games within April 2026. Currently, the group has the beauty of 216 videogame projects under development, naturally of different production dimensions.

Embracer Group has made large purchases in recent months and years, presenting itself today as one of the most interesting companies in the video game market. It includes, among others, the labels Saber Interactive, Gearbox Entertainment, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and many more. There was also the recent acquisition of Dark Horse Media, a print publishing house with intellectual property really interesting, which will probably also be exploited for some video games.

What these triple A games will be is all to be seen. The names that we can give for sure are the new Saints Row, arriving in the coming months, as well as a new Metro, a very successful series for the company, and Dead Island 2, whose development has been confirmed. However, to reach 25 there are still many missing.

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