Epic Games Store: over 500 million accounts registered on the platform

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Epic Games Store has passed i 500 million registered accountsaccording to what the company reported this week, confirming a truly exponential audience growth for the platform that has only been released a few years ago but is able to immediately capture the attention of players especially thanks to the free games initiative.

Obviously the number must be calibrated on the actual use of the accounts: there is certainly a discrepancy between the amount of registered accounts and actual active buyers on the Epic Games Store, considering that many will have registered simply to be able to download the free games weekly, requiring only the creation of a free user account.

However, this is precisely the purpose of the Epic Games Store initiative: to quickly penetrate a market where there are already very strong competitors and immediately conquer a very large user basewhile there will then be time to see purchases by new registrations also grow.

Considering that the Epic Games Store only opened its digital doors in December 2018, the fact that it reached over 500 million users in three years shows that the company’s strategy has worked in terms of immediate expansion of the target audience. we will have to evaluate if the big ones investments also made to make sure the chance to give away the free games every week have had returns or not, as evidenced by the current losses of millions of dollars.

In the meantime, we’ve seen the February 10, 2022 free game available and the February 17, 2022 free game announced, arriving tomorrow.

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