ESL Flowe Championship: Italian champions announced, second edition closed

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Closed the second edition ofESL Flowe Championship, esports tournament with an eye on ecology. Also announced i Italian champions: the title of Italian Gran Turismo Sport champion went to Vincenzo Giorgio WILLIAMS_GIO Mangano, while the same title for Apex Legends went to the ANC Outplayed team.

Gran Turismo Sport, one of the games of the tournament

As reported in the official press release, a characterizing this season was the planting of trees on the Italian territory – to compensate for all the kg of CO2eq emitted during the championship – with a total of 240 trees in both editions.

The Italian tournament organizer has once again masterfully organized one of the most innovative tournaments in the entire Italian esports scene, with the participation of the best Italian PlayStation 4 (PS4) players.

For Gran Turismo Sport Luigi Ragoni and Bryan “Bryanbox” Ronzani as Co-Host, Andrea Facchinetti and Amos Laurito the two casters, Carolina Tedeschi and Emilio Cozzi Analyst, narrate the adrenalin-fueled emotions of the final and turn them into words. For Apex Legends once again Ragoni and Ronzani as Co-Host, Edoardo “Eddie” Cianciosi and Damiano “Son Damy” Santi the two casters, Hal and Giulia “GiuliaFocaccina” Scala.

To subscribe to its success, the numbers speak once again: more than 1000 participants in tournaments, 10 guests in the ProGaming Italia studios in Bolzano, more than 300,000 views and over 200,000 unique spectators, more than 1.5 million reach and 3.7 million impressions , which demonstrate how the ESL Flowe Championship was experienced with great passion by all the actors involved in this exciting show.

“We are proud to have achieved excellent results for the second edition of the first eco-green championship in the world. The theme of sustainability in the export ecosystem is one of the fundamental values ​​of our reality and to create quality products and shows with high engagement. it is essential to have excellent partners Flowe and Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia “- Nicoletta Schenk – Brand Communications Director ProGaming Italia

“The environment is a global challenge, in all sectors it is necessary to ask oneself what is the impact produced with one’s activities and what can be the ways to reduce it. The results of this second edition of the tournament show that CO2 compensation it is a model that can also be applied to the world of gaming and we are particularly satisfied with this experimentation. We hope that the awareness of gaming enthusiasts will continue to strengthen, so that they can join us in building a better and greener future “- comments Ivan Mazzoleni , CEO of Flowe.

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