Eternal Darkness and other remasters offered to Nintendo by Nightdive, without success

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It seems that Eternal Darkness and other remaster have been proposed with some insistence and conviction to Nintendo by Nightdive Studiosbut at the moment without ever being able to get a positive response from the Kyoto house.

To reveal it was Stephen Kick, or the CEO of Nightdive Studios, who entered on Twitter in an open discussion by Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker on the complex issue of retrogaming linked to Nintendo, illustrating his particular experience.

“We’ve had discussions with Nintendo several times over the years about being able to remaster a certain amount of games and they always prove to be a lot. suspicious when dealing with third party developers, although we ourselves have published some games on Nintendo 64, their platform “.

So Nightdive actually proposed plans for some Nintendo game remasters, but the company has never been open to these prospects. According to reports from Kick, at the top of Nightdive’s priorities there would be Eternal Darkness, a game that the team has wanted to re-propose in a remastered version for some time but on which they have never managed to find an agreement.

Originally released in 2002 on Gamecube, Eternal Darkness is a survival horror developed by Silicon Knights and characterized by a particular setting that spans various historical eras, telling a story somewhat inspired by Lovecraftian mythology. Cyclically we find ourselves talking about a possible return of Eternal Darkness but so far there have never been official announcements about it: last year a new trademark was filed in this regard but without particular actual developments. In fact, after the failure of the Shadow of the Eternals project, the title still remains without an heir.

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