Evercade VS officially available in Italy, is a console for legal retrogaming

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Announced the availability today in Italy ofEvercade VSa Blaze Entertainment console designed specifically for the retrogaming (but not only). It should be noted that the VS is the living room edition, but the portable version has been circulating on the market for years, which has been a great success among enthusiasts.

An image of the Evercade VS

The Evercade VS builds on the success of the Evercade handheld gaming system by offering users a new way to experience retro gaming in their homes with over 280 games through Evercade’s bespoke physical cartridge collections. Evercade VS introduces a new dual cartridge system that allows you to have two cartridges in the console at the same time, expanding the choice of playable games.

The Evercade VS introduces some highly anticipated features to console fans: the local multiplayerthanks to the ability to connect multiple controllers to the console, a new display mode, bezels and scanlines for those who want to feel retro-obsessed vibes, the ability to save game status, updates via Wi-Fi and more.

Let’s read other technical features, taken from the official press release:

Behind Evercade VS is a bespoke user interface and hardware design with 4GB of onboard storage and best-in-class emulation powered by a 1.5Ghz Quad-Core CPU. The VS will stream in 1080p allowing you to play games from over 40 years ago on your TV via HDMI. Evercade VS includes its own controller, based on the much-praised Evercade Handheld controls with an incredibly comfortable D-Pad, X, Y, A, B button layout and the addition of extra trigger controllers with L1, L2, R1 and R2 . The controller has a 3m cable which allows for a comfortable length between the console and the sofa.

The Evercade family of consoles

The Evercade family of consoles

The Evercade VS supports 4 USB controllers via its front ports, which means you can have up to four players on supported titles. The console also supports non-Evercade VS controllers and can be used with the new controller mapping feature.

The Evercade VS is available in two configurations. A Starter Pack that includes a controller and the Technos Arcade 1 collection with 8 games and a Premium Pack that includes two controllers, the Technos Arcade 1 collection and Data East Arcade 1 with 10 games, for a total of 18. These cartridges are fully compatible with all Evercade hardware, which means you can take your rescues on the road with a Handler or on a friend’s Evercade VS, so you can team up to beat a tough boss.

The Evercade VS is capable of reading all cartridges Evercade, except 02 and 06, exclusive to the portable version. So it is You can access over 280 games from the 26 Evercade collections including Atari, Interplay, Codemasters, Worms, Data East, Intellivision, Bitmap Brothers and many other classic publishers alongside indie producers of modern retro games.

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