Evil Dead: The Game, new trailer for the opening of pre-orders

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Evil Dead: The Game it shows itself with a new one trailerpublished by Saber Interactive to coincide with the opening of the preorder of the game, currently available on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

Postponed until May 13, Evil Dead: The Game will try to do justice to the iconic film saga that we know in Italy with the title of The Housebut above all with the third chapter with fantasy nuances, The Army of Darkness.

In the game we will be able to control the legendary Ash Williamsvoiced by Bruce Campbellbut also a whole host of other characters based on both the film and the television series Ash Vs. Evil Deadand try our hand at cooperative and competitive methods.

“Fight alongside the forces of good or take control of the mighty Khandarian Demon to hunt down Ash and other players. You will be able to possess Deadites, elements of the environment and more in an attempt to swallow their souls!” , reads the official synopsis.

“Whether you’re slashing a Deadite with Ash’s electric saw or flying across the map as the Khandarian Demon, the realistic graphics and physics-based gore effects will always bring horror to life!”

“Wield the sawed-off shotgun, chainsaw, cleaver, and more to inflict deliciously gruesome damage on the armies of darkness.”

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