Exoprimal: A new trailer and images from Tokyo Game Show 2022

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On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Capcom presented a new trailers and pictures Of Exoprimalthe fast-paced team-based dinosaur action coming in 2023.

Titled “Story Trailer,” the clip focuses on the story and characters of Exoprimal.

Ace’s story begins in 2043, after dinosaur epidemics have engulfed the globe. The plane carrying their Exofighter unit, the Hammerheads, crashes on Bikitoa Island. There, they are forced to compete against hordes of dinosaurs and squads of fellow Exofighters in wargames hosted by the AI ​​Leviathan. However, not everyone on the island is necessarily an enemy. The Hammerheads get help from a pilot known as Magnum, who shares his knowledge of their deadly situation. Maybe by working together they can find a way to survive and escape“, reads the synopsis.

The movie presents two new dinosaurs: the venom-spitting dilophosaurus and the carnotaurus, a huge beast that rushes headlong into melee with its brutal horns. To face these threats, players will make use of a wide range of combat armor, each with different characteristics. In particular yesterday Capcom presented the Skywave, a support-type Exosuit that can fly, heal allies and hinder enemy maneuvers, and the Tank model, can defend itself against assaults from all sides, before unleashing powerful counterattacks with its katana , Kiri-Ichimonji.

In the pictures we can also see the customization aesthetics of our virtual avatar and of the Exosuit, of which we will also be able to modify the statistics through various accessories and components. Modules, for example, grant bonuses such as faster reload speed, while Rigs provide extra abilities, such as the Blade Rig which equips electromagnetic paralyzing shurikens.

Exoprimal is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a launch expected later this year. 2023.

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