Factorio sold 3.1 million copies in 6 years, with 98% positive reviews on Steam

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Six years after publication in the Early Access version, Factory has sold more than 3 million copies and got 98% positive reviews on Steam.

The result it was achieved, among other things, almost never taking part in discounts or being included in bundles. This means that, of those three million, almost all copies of Factorio were sold at full price (currently € 25). Probably, it also helps that it is available as a demo of the game on Steam.

An aircraft destroyed in Factorio

Factorio, we recall, was published in complete version in August 2020: it was an earlier release date than the original one. The shift was caused by the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077, which would have engulfed the attention of the public. It should also be mentioned that, eventually, CD Projekt RED’s game was moved to December, so Factorio had plenty of time to amass new audiences.

With these over 3 million units sold (3.1 to be completely accurate), Factorio is in a great position as an expansion will also be released, which will bring additional earnings for the team.

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