Fairy Tail: Elsa Scarlett cosplay from Seracoss is charming and combative

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The magical world of Fairy Tail is the background to this new one Elsa Scarlett cosplay (or Erza Scarlett, for English speakers), in this case by the excellent Seracoswhich reproduces the character of the animated series in a very convincing way.

The sorceress, belonging to the guild, is able to use a particular equipment magic that allows her to use different armours, to which she combines a great ability in combat with white weapons. For the power of her, Elsa is also called Titaniademonstrating how she is in all respects the strongest of the sorceresses in the series, in terms of fighting skills.

The costume reproduced by Seracoss is the basic one for the character, without armor and with only a slight cover on the chest, but with the katana clearly visible and the typical scarlet red hair that characterizes the character, in addition to the fringe to cover the eye lost during the period of imprisonment.

Elsa turns out to be one of the most loved characters in the Fairy Tail series, as demonstrated by the numerous interpretations by the cosplayers, but in this case the reinterpretation is truly faithful, as can also be appreciated with the image original for comparison placed right inside the photo.

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