Fallout New Vegas 2: Obsidian and Microsoft are discussing this, according to Jeff Grubb

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According to the latest rumors shared by Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat journalist, Microsoft and Obisidian they are seriously considering the possibility of carrying out Fallout New Vegas 2.

The tip came during the latest episode of Giantbomb’s Grubbsnax podcast, where Grubb talked about how the developers of Obsidian, the authors of the first Fallout New Vegas, could make a sequel to the acclaimed RPG in the future, according to what he has learned. from its sources.

“It’s still very early, but people have started talking and uttering some words, and these are” Obsidian “and” New Vegas 2 “,” Grubb said, adding that however we are talking about a project that could take many years to complete. see the light.

Fallout New Vegas

“We are talking about years and years away. There is at least interest and conversation about making something like this a reality. So many people at Microsoft believe that such a project could be successful and there is a lot of interest in making something like this a reality. so that it is realized. ”

At the moment we know that Obsidian is working on Avowed, Grounded and The Outer Worlds 2, so actually it could be a very long time before work begins on a possible Fallout New Vegas 2, always provided that the indiscretion shared by Grubb proves to be founded. .

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